Our company buildingQualectron Systems Corporation (QSC) was founded in 1998. The corporate headquarter is located in San Jose, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our management team has been in the industry for more than 20 years. Our mission is to become the best quality electronic systems provider, aimed to serve the electronic assembly industry. We are committed to focus on not only the quality of electronic systems, but also the quality of after-sales technical support, which is the major key factor to our success. Our business philosophy is to satisfy our customer regarding our products and service starting from day one, so our customers will become our long-term business partner.

Currently, our business are sub-divided into three different areas: sales, marketing and support. In order to support our testers, we also provide service to develop and manufacture test program and test fixture for our board tester and other board testers in the market. We provide all spare parts for our test fixture in order to fully support our customer's equipments.

By listening to the needs of our customers, and staying on top of the market trend, we can understand and meet our customer's needs.

How to contact us

USA Office: Mexico Office:
555 Aldo Ave.
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Tel: (408)986-1686
Fax: (408)986-1687
Calle Juan de Ugarte #17501-G
Fracc. garita de Otay C.P. #22430
Tijuana B.C., Mexico
Tel: (664) 903-0288
Fax: (408) 986-1687

Contact Information

(408) 986-1686 x 2
Technical Support:
(408) 986-1686 x 3
Customer Service:
(408) 986-1686 x 4
(408) 986-1686 x 11

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