Test Program and Fixture Service

Okano Fixture

Tescon Fixture

TR518 Fixture

TR8001 Dual Fixture Mobile Fixture Agilent Fixture

List of testers we provide services
  • Agilent 3070
  • Genrad 227X / 228X
  • Teradyne Z18XX / Test Station
  • Test Research TR-8001 / TR-518F
  • Tescon Point70MB / Point88 / Altas Mars
  • Kyoritsu Test Systems Focus-2000 / 2200
  • Okano ZPC-1000 / OIT-710 / OIT-510
  • Qualectron Systems QS-8200, Master-9001X
  • Functional Fixture
  • Others (available upon requested)

To be successful in the service business, we establish our business philosophy to focus on the following areas:

  • Excellent quality
  • Competitive price
  • Work closely with customers
  • Quick turn-around time

     In our program testing, fixture designing, and in our manufacturing process, quality assurance is enforced in each process to ensure problems will be addressed at the earliest stages. Subsequent processes will not start unless no mistake was found in the previous process. Final inspection demonstrates our commitment to quality. We will never tolerate any problem found in our products from the customer's site.

     Even though we spend a lot of time on quality, we will never transfer the overhead cost to customers. In most cases, our price is less than most of our competitors, and at competitive market price. We commit ourselves to make this happen.

     Because not all customers have the same needs and requirements, we cannot establish the same process for all customers. During project life cycle, our application engineer will interact with our customers very closely, to ensure their requirements are met.

    Our facility is equipped with the most advanced software tools, designed to operate with your test program and fixture using CAD data and/or Gerber data, reducing the lead-time. However, we know that digital data is not available. We are flexible by designing and building test program and fixture manually, and by digitizing the bare-board occasionally. Our standard lead-time is around 2 to 3 weeks. In some cases, we can rush the service down to less than 1 week, to fulfill the schedule requirement from our customers.

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